Lock In Your IP

A patent law firm dedicated to patent procurement and monetization

Patent Ingenuity, P.C. is a patent law firm specializing in obtaining Software Patents for its clients. The firm advises Startups, as well as established software and technology companies, on obtaining high quality patents for their inventions. In contrast with the traditional law firm model, Patent Ingenuity ensures that an experienced patent attorney is directly involved in the patent process from start to finish.

"I like to think that the firm is part of a Startup client’s growth story."
Samuel K. Simpson
In particular, Patent Ingenuity has a vast array of experience in various computer software and hardware fields. Whether it be disruptive software innovation or advances in media-based technologies from Beverly Hills and surrounding areas in Los Angeles, Patent Ingenuity strives to provide the best quality of service possible by having an experienced patent attorney directly involved in the patent application process.

Working with a wide variety of clients, Patent Ingenuity has helped clients ranging from sole inventors and startups to large, multi-national Fortune 500 corporations obtain patents in the United States, as well as internationally. No matter the size of a particular client, Patent Ingenuity is a patent law firm that prides itself on providing the highest quality of service to each and every client.

The benefits of hiring a patent attorney for your startup

At the initial stages of a Startup, protecting the Startup’s core innovation, its lifeblood, may be critical. By having an experienced patent attorney navigate the Startup through the patent process, Patent Ingenuity strives to help the Startup stave off would-be competitors, and grow as quickly as possible.

Being a patent law firm that has extensive experience in working with Startups, Patent Ingenuity has developed a specific Startup Patent Framework that it uses in working with Startups.