Patents,Patents,Patents – No Jack of All Trades Here

Patent Ingenuity is a patent law firm that focuses like a laser on the patent process. Given the complexity that is often involved in obtaining a strong patent, the firm believes that it provides a high quality of service by focusing on, and continuously honing its skills in, the process of applying for and obtaining patents.
The firm does not do a little bit of trademarks, a little bit of copyrights, etc. Instead, the firm’s emphasis is on trying to do one thing, patents, really well.

Outside The Box Patent Law Firm

A typical law firm approach may have a more experienced professional interface with a client, but a less experienced professional actually perform the work.
By way of contrast, Patent Ingenuity is a patent law firm that strives to have the most experienced patent attorney involved in all aspects of the patent process. In an area as complex as patent law, the firm’s belief is that experience matters quite a lot.
Such experience also has led the firm to aspire to put its best foot forward, right from the outset, on each and every project. The firm does not believe in a “fix it later” approach.

Dynamic Approach to Patents

Instead of sticking to hard-and-fast rules during the patent application process, Patent Ingenuity continues to evolve and adapt to provide a high quality of service to its clients.

In the rapidly-changing world of today, the firm believes that flexibility is key (not some hard-and-fast approach) to maximizing patent protection for its clients. Some examples are listed below:

  1. Q&A sessions with clients to get clients thinking about variations to their inventions
  2. Invention Assessment to determine best technological features for patenting purposes
  3. Understanding a particular client’s patent goals, not just the goal of the patent professional
  4. Adapting to Patent Office policy changes

Instead of taking the exact same approach for each project, the firm attempts to listen to a client’s goals from project-to-project, which may involve significantly different strategies.

Visual Aspect of Patents

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” The firm places a heavy emphasis on drawings submitted with a patent application. In contrast with a typical 2D drawing approach, Patent Ingenuity typically submits drawings based off of 3D models (when applicable), allowing for in-depth views of an invention from multiple vantage points.

Such illustrations often provide a springboard for even more innovation from clients, in addition to enhancing the readability of a patent application submitted to the Patent Office.

Strong vs. Weak Patents

A common misconception is that if 10 patent applications were independently written for the same product, they would all have equal weight. In reality, the way that a patent application is drafted can substantially impact whether a patent for that product is strong or weak.

Patent Ingenuity is a patent law firm that places emphasis on trying to get the strongest patents possible. Why bother getting a patent if it is so weak that it does not accomplish anything? The firm’s philosophy is to navigate clients through the patent process to obtain strong patents that are actually meaningful to their bottom line.

Samuel K. Simpson

Mr. Simpson founded Patent Ingenuity in 2006, after having extensive experience as a patent attorney in the “big law firm” environment. His goal was to leverage his knowledge of how a big firm operates into a leaner, more effective patent law firm. Almost 13 years later, Mr. Simpson accomplished just that: a patent law firm with locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Jose that emphasizes high quality and quick-turnaround time over big law firm bureaucracy.