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Finding a patent attorney in Los Angeles is an important decision for any local inventor, business or CTO. Patent applications are a headache for a lot of people across the United States. Especially when you’re applying for your first patent, it can be very frustrating. It’s not a process to be entered into lightly. Failing to impress upon the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) the merit of your application can be disastrous. Los Angeles, CA, in particular can be a cutthroat town to lose a patent race in. 

There are plenty of industries where innovation occurs every day. Software patents can be a case of jumping on the idea before anyone else has it and making sure nobody else takes it out from under your nose. There are many tech startups in the Santa Monica/Silicon Beach/Venice area, and software developers all over the West Side. Consequently, a significant number of patent applications may be filed on a regular basis from the Los Angeles area. When you’re navigating the choppy seas of filing a patent application, finding an experienced patent lawyer can help you. Patent Ingenuity is a patent law firm with a practice area that takes in Los Angeles, and focuses specifically on tech patents.

Hiring A Local Patent Lawyer Los Angeles, CA

There are a number of IP law firms serving Los Angeles, CA, that make claims about being intellectual property generalists that can handle your trademark and copyright and patent requirements all in one. The reality is that a high quality patent is typically the result of an experienced patent lawyer being involved in the process.  A focus on patent law is key.  

Another trick of the trade is providing the appearance that an experienced professional will be involved. You’re led into business with them by an experienced professional who handles first contact. However, once you’ve let them handle your patent application, they unleash an inexperienced lawyer to cut their teeth on your application. A more experienced lawyer will then ‘fix it’ later. This is a wrong-headed approach to take. United States patent law is highly complex, and particularly in an industry as fast-paced as tech, experience is vital. A serious patent law office should put its best foot forward at every step, not leave crucial paperwork to teammates fresh out of law school. Patent Ingenuity, for example, has its most experienced patent attorney available involved in all aspects of the patent process, from its patentability search to patent preparation.

Ask A Los Angeles Patent Lawyer About Tech Experience

There are many industries in Los Angeles, California, that file for patents. Fintech, entertainment (especially gaming), and medtech. Of course, all of these industries are in flux, with innovations coming thick and fast. Having a rigorous and intelligent approach to a patent application is paramount. However, mindless adherence to an ossified protocol is poorly suited to the field. 

At Patent Ingenuity, there is a flexible model used to attempt to maximize patent protection for clients. Between in-depth Q&A sessions with clients and invention assessments, the Firm strives to understand the patent goal of the client and work accordingly. When you choose Patent Ingenuity, you don’t have to bring your engineers up to speed on patent law. Nor do you have to spend large sums to teach an indifferent attorney about the principles underpinning your company’s invention. Patent Ingenuity is au fait with contemporary developments in mobile apps, blockchain, virtual reality/augmented reality, artificial intelligence, fintech 3D printing, UAVs, and more. The Firm is able to grasp the full technological nuances of your company’s innovations.

Choose An Attorney That Knows Patents

You could assign 10 patent lawyers to write you independent patent applications and come out with 10 substantially different patents. Most likely, some would be considerably stronger than others. It depends on how the application is drafted. Obviously, a weak patent is going to be of little use if it comes down to litigation. Why pay the money for something that gives you no legal protection against patent infringements? Patent Ingenuity believes in getting its clients the strongest patents possible. That’s why the Firm concentrates exclusively on patents. Patent Ingenuity invites you to view its list of successful patents; you will see that the firms’ track record speaks for itself.

One element that Patent Ingenuity uses patent application preparation that gives the Firm an edge is the use of 3D modelled visuals. In-depth views of an invention from multiple vantage points can provide a much more effective insight into the particulars of that invention. It enhances the readability of the application for the Examiners at the Patent Office. This is an essential component in the effort to secure a robust patent that will be able to protect your company’s invention in broad terms. The Firm believes that one ingredient for success in ultimately getting a patent granted by the Patent Office is to make it easier for a Patent Examiner to understand the granularities of your invention.

Patent Application Process, Timing, and Cost

What exactly is a patent claim?

In basic terms, a patent claim is a single, often exhaustive sentence, defining the rights of the inventor. How precise or broad you can be in your patent claims depends mainly on the patents that have gone before. When speaking about a ‘strong patent,’ an experienced patent attorney at the Firm will typically be referring to a claim that stakes out as much breadth for a client as possible

Choose Patent Ingenuity for Your Tech Patents

Well-crafted patents can be worth millions of dollars. Your company’s patent portfolio is one of its most unique assets. Protect it as you would protect any other essential aspect of your business. Trust Patent Ingenuity to help you build your portfolio of patents for your company’s inventions. You invested tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars in the technology your company is built on. Protect your investment with substantial patent investment. We specialize in working with startups to help them protect their growing business in a way which doesn’t impede their ability to expand. With the cost of filing, it’s vital to extrapolate the best features to patent. We strive to partner with startups and help them along their journey to success. If you have a startup or established company and need a dedicated patent law firm, get in touch today and see what we can do for you. Call on (310) 860-6141.

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