Patent Attorney San Jose

In the life cycle of many startups, one of the most important markers is when a software or technology patent is obtained. That is when everyone involved knows that the startup is serious. A substantial amount of resources has been dedicated to the legitimization of ownership of an idea. Patents are notorious for being difficult to obtain under the traditional legal model. But much like Silicon Valley’s rallying call of ‘disruption,’ one law firm sought to change the way the game is played. Patent Ingenuity, unlike the traditional patent law firm model, offers constant oversight via an experienced patent attorney. We have over a decade of experience in assisting clients with obtaining quality software patents. More importantly, as well as the legal experience necessary to assist a tech firm, we possess detailed technical knowledge. This allows us to foster a much more efficient working relationship with clients. No need for clients to try and baby-step legal professionals through basic software concepts. We wear both engineering and legal hats.

How Does a San Jose Patent Lawyer Handle the Patenting Process?

Other law firms may operate with a hands-off process. However, in our experience, this leads to returns that are insufficient or prone to exploitation. Patent Ingenuity follows its own patenting process.

First, it seeks to gain a thorough understanding of the client’s product and its workings. The firm is well versed in concepts including AI, machine learning, IoT, VR, AR, robotics, blockchain, and APIs. We also understand the workings of Fintech, DRM, wearables, social media, gaming, and 3D printing. Once this goal has been achieved, we develop an approach that will meet the legal requirements for software patents. It is our belief that this approach plays to everyone’s strengths and causes minimal disruption to productivity. Of course, this approach is only useful for as long as the firm keeps pace with the evolution of software technology. Luckily, we are dedicated to maintaining our understanding of modern software principles so that we can best serve our clients.

Why Do I Need a San Jose Patent Attorney?

Most everyone in the industry understands the importance of obtaining a software patent. With that in mind, something worth remembering is that patent law requires highly precise wording.

Patent applications are complex documents. The way a patent is written has an impact on whether a software invention is considered eligible to be patented. This may be bewildering, even vexing, to some software engineers. After all, the many hours they poured into its development, ensuring its technological uniqueness, should be enough evidence of its merit. Unfortunately, if their innovations are insufficiently articulated to meet modern patent eligibility requirements, a patent can be refused. That’s one reason why an exceptional patent attorney is truly a necessity, not just a luxury. It isn’t that you simply want to successfully acquire a patent. You want it to be a robust one that will stand up if patent litigation occurs.

How Do I Choose a Top San Jose Patent Lawyer?

San Jose, California, has several options for law groups that offer legal work in the field of patent law.

Picking one of them out of the lawyer directory is not the same as finding a quality patent attorney. Looking for advice about protecting your company’s inventions? It only makes sense to retain a law office that specializes in patent law. Your patent attorney should be able to advise you on what goes on with filing patent applications. The costs, benefits, risks, and of course, advantages.

What Experience Does a San Jose CA Patent Attorney Have?

Patent attorneys often have different technical qualifications.  Do those qualifications match up well with your particular patent needs.  As an example, a pharmaceutical patent attorney may not be as good a fit for obtaining a machine learning patent as a software patent attorney.  That’s why your patent attorney should have experience in the specific field you work in. Inquire about their specific qualifications, and any other fields of experience they have from other work. Did they work as a software engineer before becoming a lawyer? As important as their technical experience is their legal experience. Who does your potential patent attorney usually work for: larger corporations, startups, independent developers, or a mix?

Patent Ingenuity and Our Added Value

Our firm was founded by Samuel K. Simpson, a registered US Patent Attorney and member of the State Bar of California. He spent time as a software engineer before pivoting to patent law. That’s why we’re exceptional at working around your business and minimizing disruption as opposed to dragging engineers out of their workflow. We can help you determine if your startup will be better protected by a single patent, or if the core technology requires a multi-pronged patent approach. Bear in mind as your company develops and the core technology is iterated upon, additional patent filings may be merited. Proprietary peripheral technologies that assist the core technology can also merit patenting, and we are well situated to identify this. If you would like to hear more about what we do for the startups and enterprises of the Silicon Valley area, and San Jose in particular, call (408) 273-4508.