Patents Ingenuity. Filling and managing your licenses and patents was never so easy.


The founder of Patent Ingenuity, P.C., Samuel K. Simpson, founded the firm over a decade ago with one principle in mind: help clients obtain quality software patents. Patent Ingenuity, P.C. has gone on to obtain numerous patents for its clients in a wide array of software-based technology areas (including information technology, media, entertainment, telecommunications, and gaming).

Being a software engineer himself, Mr. Simpson recognized early on that the firm would need to have a firm grasp of the client’s software technology itself before trying to patent it. As a result, the firm developed a two-step process for working with its clients seeking software patents: (1) understand the inner workings of the client’s software technology; and (2) only after obtaining such an understanding, proceeding to develop an approach to meet the legal requirements for software patents.

Whether the client’s goals are software patent procurement, software patent defensive procedures, software patent due diligence, or software patent licensing, Patent Ingenuity, P.C. has both the technological and legal knowledge to work with the client in progressing toward those goals. Ultimately, the firm seeks to help clients meet their goals with the least amount of business disruption possible. Rather than having engineers spend exorbitant amounts of time attempting to teach basic software concepts to legal professionals, the firm attempts to place a professional in front of the client that can wear both an engineering and legal hat. As a result, the firm’s clients can often focus on running their businesses while the firm concentrates on its clients’ patent goals.

Patent Ingenuity, P.C. continues to evolve with the rapid changes in the software technology space. By being aware of newer technologies, the firm strives to continue its approach of communicating – in an engineering way -- with its clients’ engineers.

Mr. Simpson is a Member of the State Bar of California and is a Registered U.S. Patent Attorney.