Patent Concierge Service

Patent Ingenuity is proud to announce the first-of-its-kind premium service for patent services.  With the Patent Concierge Service, participating clients can obtain an added level of attentiveness and advisory services, not typically seen by most patent law firms that are only available from 9 to 5. 

Around the Clock Access

Whether it be after-hours, weekends, or holidays, an experienced USPTO registered patent attorney is accessible to clients that participate in the Patent Concierge Service. 

The reality is that innovation does not sleep.  And technology is developing at a faster pace than ever before.  The Patent Concierge Service is a great fit for clients that require immediate advice on a variety of topics (patent preparation, patent infringement, patent licensing, and patent valuation).  For example, a manufacturer across the globe may be unavailable during U.S. business hours.  A qualified patent lawyer at Patent Ingenuity can be there at each step of the way (brainstorming sessions, product design, manufacturing, marketing, etc.) to help you best protect your ideas, and avoid missteps.   

Patent Portfolio Management

As another benefit, the Patent Concierge Service can include management of a client’s patent portfolio.  Typically, one patent is not enough to protect one’s idea; rather, multiple patents are typically needed to build what is called a “white picket fence” around that idea.  At Patent Ingenuity, the firm goes a step further to build a “chain link fence.”  Recognizing that a patent portfolio can have patents with overlapping features, an experienced patent lawyer is assigned to Patent Concierge clients to guide them at each point of innovation in building a robust patent portfolio.

Patent Harvesting

By way of the Patent Concierge Service, Patent Ingenuity is a patent law firm that also helps clients figure out what ideas should even be patented.  From regular meetings with inventors, an assigned patent attorney will work with inventors to find out what is patent worthy, and what is not.  This patent harvesting process allows participating clients to efficiently focus resources on patent filings that have a real possibility of success, as opposed to those that do not.  And in those situations where the experienced patent lawyer has deemed that an idea is not patent worthy, that patent lawyer can provide guidance as to what inventors should be thinking about, in terms of modifications or enhancements, to help make those ideas more patent worthy.

How can the Patent Concierge Service benefit my Company?

In contrast with the typical approach of the client trying to figure out what to get patented, the Patent Concierge Service removes all the thinking – that is the job of the assigned USPTO registered patent attorney at Patent Ingenuity.  These days, company executives often have a lot on their plate, and simply do not have time to dissect the technical minutia of what should or should not be patented; that is where being a Patent Concierge client comes in.  Along the technology innovation continuum of a company’s trajectory, so many technological innovations go unnoticed or get missed.  By having an experienced patent professional who knows what to look for, a company can help ensure that it does not become victim to the tell old tale of “How did that other company get a patent for that, when we came up with the same thing years ago?”

At Patent Ingenuity, an added emphasis is placed on working with participating clients that want to preempt such occurrences.  For clients that want to jumpstart the patent process on a time-sensitive basis, the Patent Concierge Service is a great way to patent the most valuable technology, products, and services of a company via premium access to an experienced patent attorney.

Patent Concierge in Los Angeles, San Jose, and Newport Beach

Patent Ingenuity is a patent law firm that provides the Patent Concierge Service through its law offices in Los Angeles, San Jose, and Newport Beach.  Whether through in-person meetings or electronic communication, a qualified patent attorney shall be assigned as the point person to act as your patent advisor each step of the way.  

As participation in the Patent Concierge Service incurs additional fees, please contact a patent attorney today for a free consultation.