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Calling on innovators with new ideas to help solve the Coronavirus pandemic. Although the spread of COVID-19 has been far more devastating than most people anticipated, the solution may be found potentially in a not so unheard for forum: innovation.  To help spurt that innovation, you may want to consider filing a patent on your coronavirus idea.    

With the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 skyrocketing on a daily basis, as can be viewed by statistics provided by the World Health Organization, inventions to help eliminate, or at least reduce, the spread and effects of this pandemic are needed immediately.  By taking the first step of having a consultation with a patent attorney that has particular experience in filing for patent protection for in the COVID-19 space, you can work toward obtaining a coronavirus patent for your innovation. 

What types of covid-19 ideas can be patented

With so much discussion in the media about COVID-19, a question becomes as to whether the only thing that can help is a cure itself to COVID-19.  Of course, the ultimate solution is a readily available cure, and a patent filing for a potential cure may be worth considering, but that does not mean that other potential solutions should be discounted.  The reality is that the answer to dealing with the coronavirus may involve a plethora of small solutions, at least in the near term, that help mitigate or solve the crisis.  For example, improvements in protective equipment (masks, gloves, respirators, etc.), medical equipment (diagnostic devices for testing purposes, ventilators, etc.), disinfectants (e.g., chemicals, processes, machinery, etc.), medication, and vaccines may all play a role in a unified approach.  As such, no one person may have the single answer; rather, many people with different inventive contributions may help solve different pieces of this pandemic puzzle.   

What if my idea is just an improvement to a COVID-19 idea?

Another question that may come to mind is whether someone can patent an idea that is an improvement to someone else’s idea.  The answer is Yes, so long as certain criteria are met.  The reality is that many ideas that are patented are improvements to some other idea.  By definition, patents are to be awarded to inventions that are deemed useful, novel, and non-obvious.  If a coronavirus idea is not deemed to be an “obvious” variation of someone else’s idea, and is considered new and useful, then that idea could potentially be patented, even if it is an improvement.    

Why should I get a patent for my coronavirus idea

Given lockdowns and quarantines being put into place through many parts of the world, a race is underway to solve this epidemic.  If someone attempts to sell a COVID-19 product without patenting it first, it is not inconceivable that someone else will try to unscrupulously take that idea and file for their own patent.  Given that the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) now uses a “first to file” system, there is a presumption that the first person to file is the inventor of the idea, even if they really weren’t.  In other words, a person could literally be prevented from making the cannabis product or service they came up with because someone else saw their idea and filed first!  And removing the presumption regarding the first to file can be quite difficult. 

How do I patent my COVID-19 idea?

Initially, you can contact a USPTO registered patent attorney at the patent law firm of Patent Ingenuity to obtain a free patent consultation to learn more about the patent process.  If you decide to work with the firm, the experienced patent lawyer can help you gauge whether or not filing a patent application is worthwhile.  For instance, the patent attorney can help you assess the potential patentability of your coronavirus invention, possibly by performing a patent search.  If a decision is made to file a patent application, the patent lawyer can work with you to prepare the patent application, which is a document that consists of detailed text and drawings that will be presented to the USPTO by your patent attorney to emphasize the inventive features of your COVID-19 invention. 

Finding the patent attorney to patent your coronavirus idea

Patent Ingenuity is a patent law firm, based in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and Newport Beach, CA, with extensive experience in preparing and filing patent submissions with the USPTO.  In particular, Patent Ingenuity has experience in filing for patent protection in the coronavirus space.  Call today to schedule your free patent consultation with a USPTO registered patent attorney.   

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