Patents Ingenuity. Filling and managing your licenses and patents was never so easy.

Licensing issues often arise in the context of intellectual property matters. Patent Ingenuity P.C. has experience in licensing the software patents it procures for its clients to infringers in addition to negotiating licenses, on behalf of its clients, from other patentees to avoid infringement. After performing a thorough assessment as to the strength of the intellectual property, Patent Ingenuity, P.C. uses its experience and knowledge to advocate for licensing terms that are most amenable to the client’s goals.

Patent Ingenuity, P.C. prepares and negotiates a variety of types of license agreements, subscription agreements, assignments, non-disclosure agreements, and other types of technology conveyances. An exemplary list is provided below:

  • Patent Licenses
  • Software Purchase agreements
  • SaaS Subscriptions
  • Open-Source Licenses
  • Technology Services agreements