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Software Patents

Obtaining a Software Patent has become increasingly difficult in recent years as a result of legal interpretations that have often been unfavorable to software inventions. Navigating through such changes and the various other complexities of obtaining a patent can often be a daunting task without both technical and legal expertise.

Patent Ingenuity, P.C. prides itself on having the technical and legal knowledge to emphasize the technical aspects of its software clients’ inventions in a manner that comports with the specific legal requirements pertaining to software patents. The process can be summarized as follows:

  1. Technical Liaison – At the outset, a patent practitioner that understands the client’s specific software technology will coordinate with engineers to get a firm grasp on that technology. That practitioner will generally have a software engineering background and be able to communicate effectively with most of the client’s software engineers. The invention will then be distilled by the practitioner into easier-to-understand concepts that can be explained to the Patent Office, or even to the client’s management team.
  2. Software Patent Application – Based on years of experience, the assigned patent practitioner will then prepare a software patent application in a manner that the practitioner has found be helpful in conveying the invention to the Patent Office and in avoiding, or minimizing, software patent legal hurdles
  3. Coordination with the Patent Office – The patent practitioner then communicates with the Patent Office through various written and/or verbal communications to advocate for allowance of the software patent.