Startup Patent Framework

At Patent Ingenuity, there is a specific Startup Patent Framework used to help Startup clients develop a patent portfolio from the ground up:

Tie Patent Strategy to Growth Strategy

At the outset, a professional works with the Startup client to formulate a patent strategy for patenting products/services that will actually help with growth – not just patenting for the sake of patenting.

Innovation Development through Interactive Dialogue

The professional interacts with the Startup client to fine-tune and extrapolate the best features from a particular innovation to patent

Patent Procurement for Startup Expansion

The patent application and procurement process is then initiated to facilitate product/service expansion.

Placing a strong emphasis on innovation development for Startups, Patent Ingenuity is a Startup partner, not a regurgitator, that interacts to flesh out the best ideas for patent purposes. As the founder of the firm often says, “I like to think that the firm is part of a Startup client’s growth story.”