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Technology Niches

Patent Ingenuity, P.C. is well versed in not only the legal aspects of patenting software inventions, but also the technology areas themselves. Having the engineering knowledge and understanding, Patent Ingenuity, P.C. is able to effectively work with its clients’ engineers to fully grasp the technological nuances of its clients’ software inventions.

Given its emphasis on software inventions, Patent Ingenuity, P.C. has experience in a vast array of software-based disciplines. An exemplary list of such disciplines is provided below:

Patenting and Licensing of Artificial Intelligence related inventions, products

Artificial Intelligence

NLP, machine learning, recommendation engines

Patenting and Licensing of Mobile device applications related inventions, products

Mobile device applications

smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, wearable technology

Patenting and Licensing of Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality related inventions, products

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality

simulated environments, video games

Patenting and Licensing of Robotics related inventions, products


robotic control systems, neural networks

Patenting and Licensing of UAV related inventions, products


drone location and communication software

Patenting and Licensing of Blockchain related inventions, products


decentralized computing, cryptography

Patenting and Licensing of related inventions, products

Cloud-based systems

SaaS, PaaS, client-server architectures

Patenting and Licensing of Cloud-based systems related inventions, products

Digital Rights Management

media content entitlement, authentication, and distribution

Patenting and Licensing of 3D Printing related inventions, products

3D Printing

systems, customization

Patenting and Licensing of API's related inventions, products


software for system integration

Patenting and Licensing of computing technology for financial services.


computing technology for financial services

Patenting and Licensing of wearables, watches, glasses, and footwear with computing devices.

Wearable Technology

watches, glasses, and footwear with computing devices

Patenting and Licensing of video games, lottery games, and casino games.


video games, lottery games, and casino games

Patenting and Licensing of apps and systems for social media deployment.

Social Media

apps and systems for social media deployment

Patenting and Licensing of Internet of Things


home security systems, thermostat, lights...