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Application Programming Interface

High-Quality Application Programming Interface (API) Patents

Patent Ingenuity works directly with its clients' engineers with an emphasis on obtaining high-quality patents in the Application Programming Interface field

Navigating through the New Challenges of Getting a Patent for an Application Programming Interface (API)

With recent changes in the patent law landscape, getting a software patent has become increasingly challenging.  Patent Ingenuity performs a preliminary analysis on an invention-per-invention basis to determine which features should be emphasized to deal with such hurdles.



Understood by Techies and Non-Techies

Although engineers may be involved in evaluating a patent for approval, non-engineers may ultimately determine if a patent is enforceable.   Therefore, Patent Ingenuity prepares patent applications that are clear enough to be understood by techies and non-techies alike. 

Better Quality Software Patents through Software Engineering Knowledge

Obtaining a software patent is not the end of the story: it can be challenged by an infringer.  Having a knowledge base in a variety of software engineering disciplines, Patent Ingenuity is able to communicate proficiently with engineers and management teams to buttress software patents with the technological features unique to each software invention.  An emphasis on such technological features may help strengthen a software patent against potential challenges.


Quality Patents safeguarding business ventures in a global market for Over a Decade