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Artificial Intelligence

Patenting Artificial Intelligence

Each and every day, artificial intelligence (“AI”) is playing a bigger and bigger part in our lives, whether we realize it or not. Through various machine learning techniques, which may include the use of neural networks, AI can help companies develop predictive models that help their customers with various tasks before they even know those tasks need to be performed. Wired Magazine reports that patent filings mentioning machine learning climbed to 594 in 2016 from 145 in 2010. If you have invested your or your company’s resources into this groundbreaking technology, you may want to consider protecting your intellectual property by initiating the patent application process.

Why Patent My AI Invention?

With the deluge of technology developers abounding the AI space, preventing competitors from copying and profiting from your AI innovations is key. Obtaining patents for all of the R&D that you put into various AI technologies (neural networks, machine learning, recommendation engines, predictive analytics, etc.) may allow you to stop would-be copiers before they try to eat into your company’s hard-earned profits.

Can an Artificial Intelligence Invention Be Patented?

Possibly. A patent application for an AI invention typically falls into the realm of “software patents.” To best assess whether your AI invention may meet the requirements for obtaining a software patent, you may speak with a patent attorney that has specific experience in obtaining software patents, such as for AI inventions. A patent attorney in the Newport Beach, Silicon Valley, or Los Angeles office of Patent Ingenuity, P.C. can assist you with an initial assessment as to whether a patent application should be filed for your AI invention.

What Types of AI Inventions Has Your Firm Worked On?

Quite a lot. Some examples of the types of AI inventions that Patent Ingenuity has experience in working with are listed below:

AI may have particular benefits in the healthcare arena. By attempting to predict potential health issues on a daily basis outside of a healthcare setting (doctor’s office, hospital, etc.), AI can help healthcare practitioners preempt, or at least mitigate, health issues before they occur. Patent Ingenuity is a patent law firm with particular experience in working with AI systems that gather data from various technological devices (smartphones, wearables, sensors, etc.) and perform data analytics to help improve the overall health of patients.

AI is not limited to just helping humans perform better, but also machines. With so much infrastructure now being computerized, avoiding computing bandwidth overload across networks is important in some areas (such as in media content distribution), and even critical in other areas (transportation, energy, cybersecurity, etc.). Patent Ingenuity is a patent law firm with particular expertise in working with AI to manage network bandwidth to optimize computing resources, such as in the cloud computing space.

With technology-based devices (smartphones, wearables, etc.) becoming more and more commonplace, AI is now a centerpiece in how people go about their financial planning. Getting to know a user’s financial goals, and learning over time what best works for a particular user, AI can help guide users on a day-to-day basis on how to make the financial decisions that will help move them closer to achieving those financial goals – all through swipes, keystrokes, or voice commands. Patent Ingenuity is a patent law firm that has extensive experience in integrating AI into financial systems that provide analytics and recommendations.

E-commerce continues to have explosive growth, and AI is becoming an integral part of it. Whether it tells you when you have run out of something in your home that needs to be reordered or asks you if want to buy a similar product to something you recently bought with your smartphone, AI is allowing everybody with a smart device to have a personal shopping assistant. And by learning more and more about what users want through AI, E-commerce companies are better able to develop and sell the products and services that customers actually care about. Patent Ingenuity is a patent law firm that has extensive experience in AI systems specifically tailored for E-commerce.

AI is even becoming a staple in the entertainment world. Television viewers can watch tv and get instant recommendations about what to watch, based on previous shows or movies watched. Content for movies and shows can even be generated based on AI. Patent Ingenuity is a patent law firm that has extensive experience in entertainment technology that incorporates AI.

Language translation has become an area in which AI is particularly useful. With the advent of machine language translation, AI plays an important role in ensuring that language translations are being performed in a manner that is sufficient to meet the needs of users. Patent Ingenuity is a patent law firm that has extensive experience in the language translation space, particularly with respect to AI.

Finding the Patent Attorney Most Suited for Your Artificial Intelligence System

Patent Ingenuity is a patent law firm, based in Newport Beach, San Jose, and Los Angeles, which has significant experience in patenting AI inventions. By leveraging its extensive knowledge base, both from a technical perspective in AI and from a legal perspective in patenting AI inventions, Patent Ingenuity has a proven track record of why it is the go-to San Jose patent law firm for patenting AI systems.

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