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Recent developments in robotics have been nothing short of awe-inspiring, and may be just the beginning.  With robots already playing a significant role in a wide array of areas, such as manufacturing, entertainment, healthcare, transportation, security, etc., they shall most likely continue to become a bigger and bigger part of our lives.  There are numerous benefits robots provide, including allowing humans to avoid participating in hazardous activities, performing surgical procedures that require stable fine and gross motor movements, and performing 24/7 security surveillance, just to name a few.  Advances in robotics development may lead to over 40,000 robots entering the workforce, as reported by RobotIQ

And the patent filings along with capital investment in robotics have been also increasing at a rapid pace.  The Financial Times reports that annual patent filings in robotics have tripled over the last decade, with venture capital investment doubling in one year alone to more $587 million. 

How Does A Patent Protect My Robotics Invention?

The race is clearly on in the robotics field.  With fierce competition constantly trying to improve the integration of robots into our daily lives, obtaining patents for your robotics R&D is crucial.  Without a patent, your hard work may be easily copied and exploited by a competitor.  But by applying for, and obtaining a granted patent, you may be able to stop such exploitation of your robotics technology.

Can a Robotics Invention Be Patented?

Many robotics inventions have patent eligible features.  Given the complex intertwining of hardware componentry with computer software to improve upon prior robotics iterations, the robotics landscape often has numerous inventions that are worthy of the patent application process.

Develop a Strong Robotics Patent Portfolio

A common misconception is that there is a “single patent” for a particular technology.  The reality is that one particular technology may have dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of corresponding patents.  The reason is that the individual components, processes, circuitry, etc. may each be worthy of a potential patent. 

 In the context of robotics, developing a strong patent portfolio for your technology can often mean the difference between advancing ahead of your competitors or not.  What would be considered a small improvement in many other technological areas (a robot running at one speed as opposed to another) may involve extensive innovations in hardware and software within the robotics world.  Those incremental improvements are what may keep your company at the forefront of advances in robotics, and that is why it is trying to patent those improvements is so crucial. 

 By developing a patent portfolio of robotics improvements, your company can protect itself not just with respect to the exact robot you have built, but also with respect to other types of robots that may benefit from your robotics advances in hardware and/or software.   

Does your firm have Experience Patenting Robotics Inventions?

Yes, Patent Ingenuity is a patent law firm, located in Newport Beach, Silicon Valley, and Los Angeles, with particular experience in patenting Robotics inventions.  Whether it be use of robots in various contexts (entertainment, language interpretation, healthcare, etc.), integration of various technologies (artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, etc.) within robots, or processes that enhance robots, also called cobots, for working alongside human beings, Patent Ingenuity has extensive experience patenting robotics inventions.

Be Competitive: Hire A Patent Attorney Experienced With Robotics Companies

Patenting a Robotics invention may often involve quite a bit of complexity because a number of technological fields may be involved in the process.  For example, one robotics invention may be more mechanical in nature, while another may be heavily based on Artificial Intelligence.  Therefore, experience, as with most things, is key.  Patent Ingenuity is a patent law firm, based in Newport Beach, Silicon Valley, and Los Angeles, which has significant experience in patenting Robotics inventions. 

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