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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

High-Quality UAV Application Patents

Patent Ingenuity works directly with its clients' engineers with an emphasis on obtaining high-quality patents in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle field

Getting a Patent for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

With recent changes in the patent law landscape, getting a patent has become increasingly challenging.  Patent Ingenuity performs a preliminary analysis on an invention-per-invention basis to determine which features should be emphasized to deal with such hurdles.



Understood by Techies and Non-Techies

Although engineers may be involved in evaluating a patent for approval, non-engineers may ultimately determine if a patent is enforceable.   Therefore, Patent Ingenuity prepares patent applications that are clear enough to be understood by techies and non-techies alike. 

Better Quality Patents through Engineering Knowledge

Patent Ingenuity has expertise with computer hardware in addition to computer software.  In today’s world, an understanding of both software and the hardware that is operated according to that software is paramount.  Accordingly, Patent Ingenuity has expertise in UAV propulsion systems, UAV sensors, UAV data (video/audio) capture devices, etc.


Quality Patents safeguarding business ventures in a global market for Over a Decade